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Friday, July 20, 2007

Summer on the meadow and July skies

This is the back road towards Quesnel overlooking the Fraser River ~ David and I recently took a day trip with my sister, brother-in-law and their two delightful girls to the Historic town of Barkerville. Their stagecoach ride through the old town was a definite highlight of the day. It's a wonderful place ~ a living museum. Founded in 1862, Barkerville was “The Gold Capital of British Columbia”. The town is now the largest historic site in the province.
The girls did some artwork for us while they were here :) Below is one of the pics that now adorns our fridge ~ of our sheep and the ram who currently resides on the other side of the pasture. The girls helped to feed the ram (who we call Mister) the ends of our asparagus from dinner one night. He loves asparagus and enjoys the attention.
It was a lovely visit with family ~ and over too soon, but we're so glad they came!
And it's back to quiet meadow time now. The swallows are raising their young, the robins too. The hummingbirds continue to enjoy the easy energy boost of always full feeders.
After the hot weather of early July come the thunder and lightening storms we've been seeing the last few days. Spectacular skies. Never a dull moment on the meadow.

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