The Homestone

Sunday, August 31, 2014

August Days on the meadow

 Haying!  Well and swiftly done.
  We have about 25 acres of hay on our 48 acre homestead.
Here the bales are being loaded up into the pit (high and dry) ... 40 ton this year.  The bulk of it will be fed to our neighbors cows through the winter. 
The best part of haying is always the day we can say ... "It's done!"
 And ...
The last of our youngun's are getting ready to be on their way.
The Evening Grosbeaks and Swallows and a family of Red Winged blackbirds are tending their young and teaching them the ropes. We'll miss them and always look forward to their return.
It's been a busy and productive month.  We dealt with some seriously smokey days from nearby wildfires and some beautiful late summer weather too, which came just when we needed it to get the haying done.  
Now we see Fall tiptoeing about with her paintbrush and watercolours. 
...and Life is Good.