The Homestone

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Promise to a Squirrel

More later about our promise to this little critter but first some pics of the season.
Wild October skies. Sunsets captured by my darlin' David who is always willing to drop what he's doing to point a camera at the sky.
Walkabout pics (taken by both of us) 0n recent wanders around the property.
Bright bursts of Fall
and all the colours I love to wear.
O .. This tiny marvel of engineering! That's David's (rather large) hand below, cradling the nest just to put it in perspective. Ahhhh yes, Autumn.
And finally; the squirrel of aforementioned promise. We see him frequently at this crossing on the trail ~ he and his tribe. This particular day he stopped to tell us a very long story and as the two of us pointed and clicked and listened intently; I promised him I'd post his picture on our blog. Make him famous. So here he is.
Till next time little one. Be wary and Be well.