The Homestone

Monday, June 19, 2006

Dining on wild roses and other meadow moments

Stormy days. So much thunder and lightening on the weekend that we had to cut our power for most of a few days. I must admit I was in a state of withdrawal not being able to attend to my emails :) The lightening was close and thunder shook the house! We went for a walk 'between storms' and it was beautiful. We've been getting lots of rain and it has been very cool most days and downright cold at night. Barely a whiff of real summer weather yet. I like it like this ~ much preferring cool weather to the heat of summer. I finally got our kitchen garden planted this past week and the rain has already brought up the first green shoots of radish markers. David has the gravity fed irrigation working like a dream so we are also watering our 5 acres of 'yard'. And the hay fields are looking awesome this year. It was not a good year last year for hay but it looks like it will be an excellent yield this year. We had a rare visit from a grey wolf this past week. He was brazen. Meandering along the ridge then sitting himself down to count our sheep. He must have weighed 120 pounds. David encouraged him to move on and we haven't seen him since. Other than our wolf and hundreds of birds, it's been quiet on the meadow. I did meet a squirrel on my walk this morning. The little critter was dining on the petals of a wild rose. The squirrel was well hidden in the shadows, it was the movement of the rose petals that caught my attention.