The Homestone

Saturday, June 20, 2009

At the whim of the weather

June ~ thunder, lightning and the greening of the meadow. When the skies darken and the storm clouds gather, David and I prepare to shut the power down. The satellite gets disconnected. Our fridge and any electronics are unplugged from the walls. David can continue his work, for the most part. With a battery pack, he can plug in a light and carry on in his workshop ~ the ring room as we call it. My work is much more weather dependent; the computer is on time out till the storm passes. Even with our power down ~ we can still have a fire in the kitchen wood stove. We can make a cup of tea ~ albeit quickly and carefully so as to not spend to many seconds hovering around the sink or the stove when lightning is active. There is so much power in these early summer storms. Friday's storm was wicked. Sustained thunder that shook our wee house right down to the cold room. Lightning that gives one pause. With some trepidation, we watch where it strikes. This is predictable June weather. And the rain is always welcome! Soon it will be time to hay.