The Homestone

Monday, October 29, 2012

October 29th on the meadow

October 29th was
another ordinary day
gloriously ordinar
in an oh my God we are so blessed kind of way

A beautiful breathe it in day.

Monday, October 22, 2012

October Snow

We’re tucked in at the homestead for a bit of a stretch now hopefully. 
We made a trip to town on Friday to look after business and stock up on supplies. 

We awoke to snow Saturday morning and discovered with delight from the kitchen window, half a dozen Canadian Geese just the other side of the zig-zag fence.  A few were up and grooming themselves, the others were still snuggled into the grass with their wings tucked tightly against themselves.

Soon they are all up and at it
Even the straggler

They stayed all day, and Sunday too.  They followed David and the tractor around the fields as he collected up the round bales to a central spot for transport.  


 The snow really tried to get serious over the weekend stealing our sunshine and our power ...
 It's a lovely thing though... I look forward to the first snow.
No complaints; just a bit of a scramble getting those winterizing jobs finished up before the season really settles in. One never knows ... we might get another months reprieve, and it might just keep on coming.  Hard to say.  It is that time of year.

Along with the weather system this weekend came a young Evening Grosbeak male who we sure hope finds his way back to his flock.  He was very wet and looking a bit bedraggled as he arrived at our feeder  ~ no doubt blown off course.  We can only offer him sustenance (LOTS of sunflower seeds) and wish him well.  And we are hopeful that the five Red Winged Blackbirds who also arrived with the storm will take him under their wing(s) so that he has some grown ups to look out for him. 

He's very tame and is quite comfy with either of us just a few feet away ~ he seems to enjoy the conversation and the company. 
A junco has been staying close to the house too these last few days.  As unlikely as it seems; the Junco and the Grosbeak appear to be quite friendly with each other.  They arrive at the feeder at the same time and take their meals together.


Oh... our Grosbeak is looking much better in the sunshine this afternoon. Our first sunshine in five days.  
We humans brighten up considerably to see the sunshine and we can only imagine how wonderful it must feel to our winter chilled feathered friends.
Yes, that's much better!

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

autumn munks

Especially for Marcos and Nicole ~ our new friends from Brasil
caught on camera by David