The Homestone

Sunday, October 29, 2006

more first winter day pics

Fall back Sunday

We turned our clock back today. We only have one clock, not counting the computer clock. It is an Audubon clock that my Dad gave to David years ago before we lived in this place. It hangs over the door in the kitchen. If we put the other battery in the clock, the hours would be called by one of 12 birds but we prefer to leave it quiet now in favour of the natural world around us. So it's ten pm by the clock but it naturally feels later. It's been a busy day. Today is our first day of winter, we had our first real snowfall last night and we are awaiting the birth of our first grandchild, any minute now. A couple of days ago, we had a visit from a silver fox. He was actually black save for the tip of his tail and is in fact a red fox. A beautiful animal and one we hope to see again. Our other unusual visitor of late is our lone Canada Goose. He/she's been with us about a month now and can fly very well, but seems to prefer to stay here with the sheep who he hangs out with every day. This goose is not tame and obviously fairly smart as he has so far eluded the coyotes and foxes. We will set up a safe and warm shelter for him if he doesn't leave soon ~ a wee hut of hay bales with escape routes. We discovered him this morning under the shelter of an old pine tree by the cabin. Our first real snow fall last night. Took this pic off the porch with our floodlight. This morning on the meadow, the horses coming in

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The time before winter.

15 souls have joined us for a few months. Six horses and nine cows, probably through January. They belong to a dear friend, an old cowboy who lives down the way. They are his pampered pets and fine looking' beasties, one and all. The coyotes who otherwise own the meadow at this time of year aren't bothered by their new neighbour's. The horses conveniently scare up the rodents. It's a good arrangement for the yotes'. Deer and moose wander through occasionally ~ a lovely time of year. This time before winter.