The Homestone

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Who's singing on the meadow?

 Let us not speak of spring just yet.  
There will be time for that.
It is late winter on the meadow and all the snow we're getting now is going to make the forest sing when the sun finally encourages the dandelions to bloom!
 The Red Winged Blackbirds (just the males so far) have returned to serenade us
and if you close your eyes, they sound like bells and a babbling brook.
 The Purple Finches also grace our snow piles
picking off seeds we offer them and apparently oblivious to the cold.
  They also sing. 
Tough little dinosaur descendents!
  Vincent reported that Sprucey the Squirrel was seen tipsy on fermented apple cores this morning
and who could blame the little critter?
  A normally elusive otter zips along the edge of Mackin Creek in full view ... 
heading somewhere fast.
David and I are happily
heads down working with some lovely folks on their commissioned rings.
Vincent is putting a fresh coat of paint on the woodworking shop!

We have (bug killed pine) firewood a plenty and over meals we talk of plans for the warmer months ahead.
Sheep and chickens, sunken gardens, soffits and eaves,
 Visitors and Visiting

Outside, the snow continues to fall 
and spreads her soft blanket over any urgency to Spring Up and tackle our To Do Lists.
Life is good.
And we are well and truly blessed! 

As I wrap up this late March post we spot a Flicker on the feeder
Vying for a go at the suet.
Outnumberd by hungry blackbirds... he'll be back :)