The Homestone

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Early August on the meadow

Kali ~ our dear old pup... she's found a cool spot in the greenhouse behind the geraniums and under my work table. She made herself a little hollow in the dirt where she relaxes while I weed. Our Evening Grosbeaks ~ mama feeding her little one from the seeds we supply. So sweet. The light was not just right in these photographs but not too bad ... This is a busy time of year for birds and humans. Busy is good. Having a long list of great things to accomplish. The outdoor work at the moment is primarily about fire safety and haying soon too. I don’t know if you see this on your news, but British Columbia is having a nasty fire season this year. There are a few fires in the Chilcotin that are of some concern to us, but thankfully none immediately threatening us or any of our neighbours. As forests burn though, we pray for the lives and habitats of our four legged and feathered friends and the plants and trees that perish. We do our daily rain dance and wait for the smoke to clear...
We had a brief encounter with a black bear and her two cubs the other day on our way into town. They are regulars in this neck of the woods and it was good to see them safe and sound. Long may they ramble and bountiful be their berries. Our friends down at the 40 acre meadow see these guys frequently. The mosquitoes are pretty quiet now, thank goodness. I can be outside again without covering my body from head to toe or slathered in some mosquito repelling gunk. Oh happy days! I admit to having no Ghandi-esque qualities when it comes to mosquitoes and other biting insects. I have to pop in one more pic of our beloved pup and then I am back to work . There are too many folks waiting for an email response from me. And, it's a nice day for some indoor work as it's pretty smoky out of doors. Till next time ... thanks for dropping by!