The Homestone

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It's been one of those months!

The end of September already!! While it's been a quiet couple of months on the homestone blog, busy has been the name of the game around the homestead and busy we are still. The haying is done, the summer has fled and while autumn is showing her glorious colours, it will not be long now till the first snow flies.
David and Vince are almost finished putting the addition on our garage to house the truck and plow in preparation for the winter months ahead. The mountains of firewood we will need for winter is also on the immediate to do list and we are dealing with some rather inconvenient medical challenges right now as well. I seem to have developed an rather uncommon cranial nerve palsy. A by-product of a nasty virus David and I picked up at the beginning of September which we are still not 100% recovered from. The palsy is causing double vision in my right eye and nasty headaches. It's not the end of the world but it has been a worry and it has slowed down my work on the computer quite considerably. To any of our wood ring folks dropping in to the Homestone ~ please bear with me and know that you will hear from me as soon as possible.
Apart from that, life is good. These are spectacularly beautiful days. Rich golds and yellows all around us and the reappearance of our four legged autumn visitors.
We have taken lots of pictures of the changing season and will post some soon. Till next time ~ take care and to our wood ring folks; thanks for your patience.