The Homestone

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Misty mornings on the meadow as winter closes in.

Oh what a face on this late fall visitor.  
Poor girl. . .  cold and alone?  Not her best side?  Having a bad day ?

She (I believe we have here a female brown headed cowbird) arrived solo at our now deserted feeder and stuck around for a couple of days. We're pretty sure she was happier than she looked after finding a full feeder and no competition.  She had some good meals before getting back underway on whatever journey she was on.  We're hoping she went on to rendezvous with her feathered friends after leaving the meadow.
( a better photo ~ her good side)

Lots of misty and frosty mornings on the meadow these days.  One day last week we awoke to a skiff of snow that lasted on the ground till about noon.  Some light flurries there and there, and winter is soon upon us.  We're just about ready too, I'd say.  A few more little jobs to finish up. We're installing a new bank of solar panels that will track the sun to give us more juice for our day to day work.  Thankfully we live in a place that gets glorious sunshine all through the year.  

...some misty morning shots ...

 and a sunny morning a few days later, the willows frosted and sparkling.
Here's to our feathered friends.  
May they all have a safe journey south
and find their way back here next spring.