The Homestone

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Doe a deer and young bucks too

It's the season of bucks in full velvet and does with fawns. Our meadow is a haven for deer (and bears and moose and rabbits and foxes and coyotes). There is one doe who returns each year to have her fawns in the safety of the willows on our meadow. She chooses the same spot every year and this year, much to our delight (and her's too no doubt) she successfully raised two fawns. We saw them for the first time yesterday ~ as the doe and her two little ones emerged from the willows and followed Mum across the meadow to the back edge and off into the forest. We've also seen 3 young bucks in the last few weeks. This one appeared from out of the mist very early one morning last week. We don't often see them inside the fence that surrounds our home but this little guy found his way in and seemed just as surprised as we were. He didn't stay long ~ just long enough to pose for these pictures. Earlier this month we watched a couple of other young bucks make their way down the trail across the creek. Ah yes .... It's a magical place to live in every season. We count our blessings and keep our camera handy!