The Homestone

Monday, July 15, 2013

Mid July on Finch Meadow


Our wildflower gardens, tended only by the weather.

And nibbled and grazed by deer and moose and rabbits and squirrels ... This time of year we don't go a day without a visit from a doe or a buck, or a couple of young bucks.  They wander through and graze within our fences and a doe or two will often fawn here, bedding down in the willows, or out back in the sugarcane hay.

I used to write poetry.  Perhaps I will again but for now, just stopping long enough to be in the moment is poetry enough.

This (this visitor, this moment) is sweet return for keeping our 48 acres natural and safe for our wild friends...We are so blessed. And so grateful.

There are young'uns everywhere.  This beaver pup appeared to be enjoying his early morning swim. I can't say for sure, but I think he was doing a lazy backstroke, gazing up at the sky ...

It's very nearly time to hay the fields. The back meadow anyway.  When the first maps were published of this area (in the 1800's), our location was tagged simply as 'Good Hay Meadows'.  This is cowboy country;  there are lots of good hay meadows west of the Fraser.  Ours is just one small meadow in a land of plenty.  
It's back to work.  Work we love. More news to come.  
More pics too I bet.  Once again, thanks for dropping by.