The Homestone

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Portrait of a bluebird on a branch

The bluebirds we have here I believe are Mountain Bluebirds. And there are lots of them! They are enjoying the grasshoppers and all the insects being disturbed by our late season haying. Every time we look out on the meadow, there are flashes of that brilliant blue; hovering or swooping down or perched on a fence post. The blue never fails to surprise and delight us. It is such a pretty and unlikely colour for a bird.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Early Autumn on the meadow

David and I took some time away from the homestead during September and arrived back to our favourite time of year. Glorious Fall! We had a date with David's neurosurgeon for a long awaited back surgery. (Lumbar laminectomy at two levels; for those up on their medical terminology.) It appears to have been a very successful surgery. Although David is still recuperating he says can feel the difference already. We are so thankful to the good Doc, his most excellent MOA and all the folks at the hosptial... And we were so glad to be back home. Our foray into the medical system has put me quite behind in my emails. For those folks still waiting to hear from me, please know that you will, and as quickly as possible! We didn't mind seeing an end to this particular summer! It was so terribly dry, with two months of extreme fire danger and lots of smoke ~ fare thee well summer of 09! It's still really dry so wild fires continue to be a concern but the nights are colder now and there's a hard frost most mornings. There continues to be a voluntary ban on 'back country use' but it's hunting season and we do hear the occasional gunshot ring out from beyond our little wild life sanctuary. We can only hope that the animals we delight in watching and photographing will take refuge within the parameters of our 50 acres when they sense danger. I imagine there will be a good number of displaced critters after the wildfires this past summer. There are spots on the meadow where fall is not yet evident. More splendor to come. As we begin preparations for winter; the aspens are turning, the rose hips are ripe and all's right with the world.Till next time ~