The Homestone

Monday, July 28, 2014

Asters and feathers and summer skies

Its the 28th of July and the evenings are cool.  
The skies have been cloudy dropping rain here and there.  Perfect summer weather.
Asters everywhere

We've been enjoying an abundance of wildlife on the meadow lately.
A pair of Great Blue Herons.  This is the female who posed so nicely for us the other night.
Buckie the Beaver is behaving herself ... it is a constant dance to ensure that our 'local' beavers don't strip our land of the beautiful aspens whilst still allowing them to do what beavers do ... We have struck what I think is an amazing balance.  

A quintessential summer scene
 Baby barn swallow sunning his fluff at the kitchen window
and a female gray haired human 
Thanks for dropping by!

Friday, July 18, 2014

This weeks surprise!

Announcing a brand new meadow inhabitant. We haven’t seen marmots out here before!!  Pretty pleased to see this little guy and hope he makes it!  He sure has found himself fine accommodations; under our newly renamed cabin:  Marmot House!
Marmot on the meadow ~ yeah!