The Homestone

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Sing a song. It's Spring.

Our first Blackbird of 2016 arrived this morning.  I wrote a post on our Warmth of Wood Blog if you want to check it out.  Waning Winter and Wooden Rings  

Rather than bake a pie with 24 of these beauties under the crust,

springs first blackbird makes me want to sing though not a song of sixpence.
Most of us are familiar with The Beatles 1968 Blackbird tune ~ but my personal favourite is kd lang's heart opening song 'The Valley' lyrics by Jane Siberry.  
I do love a good kd croon.  

And so, today is that magical musical First Blackbird day when it takes all my concentration to stay at my computer and do the work I need to do.  And love to do. Don't get me wrong... it's just, well ... the sun is shining, there are birds everywhere and I wonder what the inside of the greenhouse looks like right now.  

I know that the raised beds are blackened with the tail ends of last years greens and that the ground will still be frozen ... but it's the promise of things to come. I know that the willows at the edge of the creek are showing their first furry catkins and that the creek will be raising her voice as little pools of open water appear. 

I did wake up this morning with a song of gratitude in my heart.  

This simple conscious thankfulness changes the colour of the day. It's a practice I am working on ... wake up and be grateful.  
Specifically grateful for at least 3 things in my life.  
Sounds easy and natural but there are still too many days when I forget to begin this way.
To change the colour of my day. 


Note to self:  Wake with gratitude. Bake a pie (with blueberries not blackbirds). 
Sing a song. It's Spring.