The Homestone

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Feathered friends of April

The last few days have been overcast and chilly with early morning frost. There is still snow in lots of places but it feels like the first day of spring today. Warm and sunny! Yeah. The birds that we love to see and photograph are returning daily. Someone new everyday now. Red Winged Blackbirds rising from the willows at the creeks edge. David got a couple of pics of two Sandhill cranes on the meadow this morning though this is not the first sighting this year. And our little finches are back at the feeders; pine siskins, house finches and purple finches ... Yellow headed blackbirds (just a few) and Red winged Blackbirds (abut a hundred who stay all summer and serenade us with their beautiful songs ) Flickers Robins, of course. And shorebirds in the shallow pools of melted snow on the hay fields ... a pair of Lesser Yellowlegs have been visiting this week.Lots of delightful Junco's and Sparrows ... and last but not least; a soft spring sunset over the meadow last night. Life is good and we count our blessings!