The Homestone

Friday, January 20, 2012

Forty Below on the Plateau

 40 below Fahrenheit or minus forty Celsius?  For the uninitiated; forty below is the only point where Fahrenheit and Celsius are the same.  We do have one thermometer that will read to 60 below.  We're not anxious to see that kind of dip, but it's nice to have the tool should it get that chilly.  At 40 below skin can freeze very quickly. 
 One wants to be covered and bundled up.

In closing ~ a mid summer photo of the same 'front gate' scene ~ but for now we will continue to enjoy the bright, cold winter and the coyotes who seem to thrive in this weather.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

More Coyotes on our snowy meadow

What a delight it is to watch the wild critters who wander onto the meadow and into view.  
They don't seem to mind us at all, and occasionally glance over as if to say;
"If you're taking photos, this really is my good side".    
These are for us, moments of pure unadulterated pleasure.  Magical and Delightful.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year.

 Out for a walk with David yesterday, writing love letters in the snow ... For one of our Touch Wood couples whose wedding was New Year's Eve. 

Suzanne wrote a couple of days ago from Minnesota where she and Jerome are celebrating their wedding.   She writes "Our perfect winter wonderland wedding is being thwarted by Mother Nature - no snow! Not a flake!  In the whole "wedding equation" I thought for sure that "snow" was the constant, not the variable!  I'm slowly letting go and realizing that no snow means less travel stress for our loved ones. No snow also means no sleigh ride on Friday night. Sigh."   

Feeling quite sad about their snow-less celebration David and I decided to do what we could to send a little snow love their way and found a couple of spots on the meadow to carve and walk their initials into the snow and, it gave us a chance to celebrate their wedding with them, if only in spirit.

We've had a lovely Christmas here on the meadow.  An extremely quiet one this year ~ just the two of us; no visitors and no trip down to the Okanagan to see our families.  Our days were no less filled with love and lots of emails back and forth from family and friends.  We always try to connect with family at this time of year by Skype or webcam but with our satellite internet it's a humorously poor connection.  Still, we have the pleasure of seeing our dear one's smiling faces even if we can't hear them ~ or hear their voices even if we can't see them : )

Most of the holidays were sunny and warm ~ unseasonably so, but still with a covering of snow to make it feel like Christmas.

The rose hips bright in the winter sun and the sunsets so spectacular this time of year!

Wandering ~ enjoying leisurely walks around the meadow. Our walking trail follows the two miles of stacked zigzag log fencing and it's a beautiful path to wander.  David plows it occasionally and so the wildlife make good use of it too.  
Fun to watch where the critter tracks come and go.  
A tremendous number of rabbits this winter.  We see hundreds of little tracks of young bunnies and visualize their scampering and playfulness as they dart in and out of the piles of brush that offer them warmth and safety from the coyotes whose tracks are also plentiful.

What's left of an old corral; one of the pieces of history still standing on the property. 

Life is good.  We are truly blessed and ever thankful.
Here's to a new year full of promise and possibilities.
  With much love
as always
Nicola and David