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Friday, January 20, 2012

Forty Below on the Plateau

 40 below Fahrenheit or minus forty Celsius?  For the uninitiated; forty below is the only point where Fahrenheit and Celsius are the same.  We do have one thermometer that will read to 60 below.  We're not anxious to see that kind of dip, but it's nice to have the tool should it get that chilly.  At 40 below skin can freeze very quickly. 
 One wants to be covered and bundled up.

In closing ~ a mid summer photo of the same 'front gate' scene ~ but for now we will continue to enjoy the bright, cold winter and the coyotes who seem to thrive in this weather.

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Hildred and Charles said...

It may be a smidgin chilly, but it's very beautiful. Keep warm....