The Homestone

Monday, December 28, 2009

A December wander 'round the place ...

A wander around the place generally begins with a stroll by the old hand hewn log cabin that now stands at our gate as a tribute to Jennie Barlow; the pioneer who built it to house her dairy cow and her chickens. T'is a lovely thing at any time but especially pretty in the snow! Looking up and down the creek from our little bridge. A winter moment... an old crossing on the creek Our house (and greenhouse) from the creek with Vinny's place off to the right. Our creek in early winter ~ it's the critters highway! Where a pair of coyotes met and parted. A miniature mountain vista... My tracks meandering back home from across the meadow bringing to an end another lovely stroll in the winter sunshine... In the spirit of wishing you all the very best of the new year; here's a family treasure from a precious autograph book. This greeting card is dated "1873; from Charlie". The very first Christmas / New Year greeting cards can be traced back to the romantic Victorian era. The idea was created in 1843 by businessman Henry Cole after an English postal reform was passed. This made it possible for people to send mail for only a penny.

A subtle late December sky

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Our trip to town . . . early December

The creek at our gate ... Our main gate on the way out ... The 'homestone' at the top of our driveway A totem tree and heading out ...
We met one of the local ranchers a couple of k from the house on the way to town. They were still looking for cows that we have been feeding on the road to keep them close for roundup.
Such beauty along the way ... Certainly not the whole trip to town ~ just some snapshots from the journey on a spectacular early winters day. Williams Lake from the top of 5Mile Arriving home again; early evening with the setting sun turning the trees golden. Home sweet home ...

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

New fallen snow

Ah yes, the dawning of another winter... Bright sunny days too so our solar panels are pumping the power to us! We want to be outside every minute of the day right now ~ so much sparkle and beauty. We look forward to the full moon tonight ~ last night was bright as day on the meadow. More pics soon.