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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A little alone time

A few pangs of guilt as I log in to my blog after a day of work and before going to make dinner. Guilt, because if I am on the computer I really should be answering emails. My backlog of emails is a bit daunting. I am ever thankful to all the folks who write to us for their patience and kindness.
But, it is the end of the work day and I do want to share this photograph that David took yesterday afternoon. It could be titled ' Do you ever feel like everybody is talking about you?' or ' I would just like a little alone time, thank you!'
The lads are off to assist our neighbour with a hay rake and I am about to go and put some chicken on the bbq. And make some of those oh so tasty pan fried spuds. Way too warm to use the wood stove tonight!!
However, 'way too warm' is all relative. We worry about our neighbours in the states who are in the midst of a dreadful fire season. Our high mountain meadow is considerably cooler too than Southern BC where folks are sweltering under the full hot sun.
It always cools down beautifully here through the nights. That's when the windows get flung wide open (screened of course from the hungry mosquitos) and we feel blessed, as always, to live where we do.
Okee dokee. Time to shut down the computer and get some dinner happening.

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Not a Granny said...

You have some beautiful photos here. I love this one!