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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

a lichen bouquet and a couple of blogs

This beautiful 'rock with lichen' was placed on it's cradle of fence wire by my beloved David a couple of years ago when the lichen was tiny. When he was out mending fences a few days ago, he brought me home this photograph ~ like a lichen bouquet.

Blogs ~ oh! So many blogs, so little time. Being uber busy is the only thing holding me back from spending hours and hours visiting and getting to know fascinating people all over the world. A couple of blogs I happened on this afternoon while looking up some totally unrelated item... breedemandweep a blog written by Jenn Mattern, a mom among other things :) and her Canadian husband David Lane who has a blog called Porchlight Paintings. One of my favourites; moon pie a blog by a gal named Kate ~ I love her writing and photography and she shares a whole pie (or is it pile) of recipes too. This is just a wee thank you to all the online folks who inspire and delight me from time to time. Till next time. Nicola

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