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Friday, July 27, 2007

pleased as a smiling pickle

" I'm as pleased as a smiling pickle! (which is pretty splendid if you like relish)." This comment was from a fellow in response to a long overdue email from me. He who is 'pleased as a smiling pickle' is about to begin the process of designing his wooden rings.
New folks wandering into our lives, beginning a process with a purpose, enriching our lives with their thoughts and ideas and always touching our hearts and making us smile. 'Our smiling pickle' just made me grin. The people who appear in our in-box and come into our lives are good humans :)
It's a warm day today. 27 celcius, 80 F. David and I made a quick and early trip into town the other day to take care of some business. Morning is the right time to travel our 30 dusty miles of logging roads and 'town' these days is hot and socked in.
A day when we don't have to go to town is always a much better day. We just like it here. Fortuantely we are self sufficient enough that we normally don't go to town more than once a month. We're back and forth a bit more in the summer months but the majority of our days are spent blissfully on the meadow.
New life on the meadow. Our robins hatched.
And we are, to borrow a phrase, pleased as smiling pickles.

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