The Homestone

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Wild Roses and a little dog departs

Late June ~ our roadsides and paths are lined with shimmering aspen and wild roses in bloom. We said farewell recently to our beloved four legged companion; Kali. Our dear and faithful friend of 14 years. Afraid of nothing she was, and as sweet and delightful as a little dog can be. The day we said goodbye, a mourning dove dropped by.
One of my favourite Kali pics; following along after David as the three of us went for a walk on a wet spring day. Always wanting to stand on her own four paws she routinely declined any offer of a lift over the rough patches.
In her golden years we called her 'Sugar Lips'. Thank You ~ for sharing your time with us Little One !


Hildred and Charles said...

Poignant farewell to the Little One.
Love to all who will miss her sweet ways.

Juliette said...

What a lovely memorial page to Kali or Sugar Lips - lovely pic in the snow. God Bless her.