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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hummingbird Heaven on the Meadow

The forest around the meadow. The aspens leafing out.
Hummingbirds at the kitchen window.
We still have frost most mornings and had a bit of a snow flurry yesterday. We're enjoying lovely cool spring weather with equal parts of sunshine, wind, and rain. We have three hummingbird feeders at the kitchen windows. Each feeder is out of view of the other two. We've counted seventy to ninety hummingbirds gathered at feeding time. It's a spectacular sight and one we look forward to each year.
Our hummingbirds love this lilac bush. They use it for perching & resting, and waiting their turn at the feeders and use the branches for cleaning their beaks.
One little fellow settling in for a beak clean . . .
All done. and Lift Off.
Last year this lilac didn't bloom. Hard to say if it'll bloom this year but it doesn't really matter ~ these tiny, beautiful creatures are decoration enough.
Till later. From hummingbird heaven


Hildred said...

Absolutely fabulous! Wonderful photos too! How do you ever get any work done, I ask you?

They are little jewels and the word has certainly gone out in hummingbird town about your wonderful meadow and the people on it!

Mai said...

You can make postcards with these pictures!

Juliette said...

These photos are fabulous - how clever and beautiful.