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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summertime on the Meadow

July. Warmer days and almost always cool nights. We awoke to a hard frost the other morning. Some years ago, we gave up trying too grow much in the way of outdoor crops for just this reason. For now we rely on our greenhouse to grow our fresh summer greens. And there is always Strawberry Spinach! Requiring no greenhouse or careful tending; it grows wild and in abundance around our place. Bonus. Strawberry Spinach is also known as Beet berry, Miniature dwarf bearded iris or Strawberry Sticks. It's an annual (considered an heirloom seed) that is rich in vitamin A, B2, C and D.
Our almost 2 miles of zigzag stacked log fence is complete!!
Oh, What a feat! So pretty, and practical too.
Welcome ... to our new front gate.
These are the days (and nights) of beautiful summer skies and photo 'ops' at every turn. Here are a few more of David's recent sky pics.
These little guys are always entertaining . . .
We have way too many photos of them ~ but their antics are hard to resist. Do you know the story about how Chipmunk Got his Stripes? In a nutshell; Black Bear brags that he can do anything. When Brown Squirrel challenges him to tell the sun not to come up, Bear gives the command. All night the animals wait anxiously. When the sun does come up, Brown Squirrel, forgetting his mother’s advice, ridicules Black Bear. Bear pulls his sharp claws down the squirrel’s back. Although the scratches heal, the stripes remain. And other things we talk about out here on the meadow :] We are constantly on the quest for better, greener ways to build and to live lightly on the planet. Michael Reynolds shares so many good and innovative ideas; if you're thinking about reducing your footprint, you'll want to visit Earthship. Even if it's not your dream home. Till next time. . .


Hildred said...

Your new postings don't always come up on my sidebar and so I am late in finding them.

Look forward to the time when we can drive through your handsome front gate! The fence is a wonder, as are the sky pictures.

PCF said...

Wow! Big open spaces, I dream of such places.

Phil said...

Stunning photography - you live in a beautiful area. Gread read, thanks.