The Homestone

Monday, January 25, 2010

Good Morning on the Meadow

The wood stove is warming the kitchen, the coffee's on and it's the start of another great day. David captured these shots of our sunrise this morning. We had about an inch of snow last night ~ the first snow that's fallen in a few weeks. It's lovely; warms things up a bit! At the other end of the day now and a few photos of our sunset. It began about 4:45 pm. David is working at the kitchen table this afternoon because the light is just right and there's the warmth of the wood stove too. He's working on a ring for fellow in Denmark. The ring is Black Walnut and Juniper Heartwood with inlaid bands of Tagish Lake meteorite dust. The ring is tapered and has a featured heartwood knot. The 'star dust' is being inlaid as borders to the heartwood. I can't wait to see the ring finished. Time now to make some dinner and watch the stars come out.

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