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Monday, January 18, 2010

The Owl of Winter.

Winter on the meadow. Our Northern Hawk Owl has been around quite a bit the last few days. All three of us have had our cameras clicking. What a delight this small owl is. Quite comfortable with us it seems.These are a few of the photos David and I have taken while Vince has been getting some great close ups with his telescope camera. A few of our owl's favourite perches are very close to the house giving us the opportunity to watch him up close and personal. He's perched on abird feeder in the photo above.
Here he is perched on top of the clothesline pole.
We see all sorts of critter tracks at the edges of the meadow and watch eagle eyed for sightings of our four legged friends .... soon, soon!


Hildred said...

I love the owl, - beautiful photos. Who does he remind me of?????

Jasmine said...

Beautiful pictures. owls are magnificent.

Ali said...

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And secondly, I feel so uplifted to know that there are folks out there "walking their talk" and living sustainably and simply. My partner and I have begun talking about marriage, and in our search for the perfect "earth friendly" ring we stumbled across your site. I am overjoyed that we have found such beautiful rings that take so little from our Mother Earth. The oak tree is important to both of our spiritual lives, so having wedding rings crafted of its wood would be incredibly meaningful for us. And I could not be happier than to support a couple who is so dedicated to the planet, as well as so committed to and skillful in their craft! I'm sure my partner will be contacting you soon! :)

kirstallcreatures said...

What a wonderful bird, how lucky you are to have such a beautiful visitor to your garden. Linda