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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Moose on the meadow and some frosty mornings

It's been pretty spectacular weather for the last week or so. Frosty mornings and sunny days. The combination of frost and sunshine makes for some very enjoyable photography. And we've had some lovely close-up visits from our resident moose. As always, when a critter shows up ~ everything else we're doing comes to an abrupt halt while we get out our cameras and click and whir! Visits from our local wildlife are major entertainment around here. Four legged visitors are much more common than visitors of the two legged variety. Every season has it's beauty ~ we are enjoying our winter immensely. Still, this time of year we begin to look forward to spring and the return of our sweet and colourful feathered friends!

1 comment:

Hildred and Charles said...

Wonderful, marvelous pictures of the trees and countryside, - and your meadow company stepping along so elegantly, with purpose in his eye.

Thanks for sharing the pictures, which we will save and savor......

much love to photographer and all.