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Friday, February 15, 2013

Misty days and so much love

Yesterday was February 14th ~ Valentine's day.  
It snowed lightly most of the day and into the evening.
 We had a good and productive day but didn't get much solar power.
This pic from just before nightfall off the porch at the kitchen door.
...and dinner cooking on the wood stove.
 This morning we awoke to a soft misty world ~ pink for just a moment as the sun rose.
That soft mist hasn't lifted yet and it's almost 9 am.

Still, it's brightening up ... we will get some juice to our solar panels,
certainly enough to power our work;
David in his wood ring workshop and me on my laptop.
I want to take a walk around the meadow this afternoon.  It's been a couple of days.
 But first to emails and wonderful people to talk with.
The folks who come to us to help them create a wooden ring;
a Touch Wood Ring for the one they love.  And so it is....
Our days are full of love. Yours and Ours and life is good.

Perhaps it will be bright and sunny this afternoon when I go on a walkabout and then I will come back with a camera full of pics that hint at the end of winter =)
Till next time 
With love.

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