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Sunday, February 10, 2013

February - those weeks between winter and spring

It really is still very much winter here on the meadow but we've had lots of warm sunny days that tease us into thinking spring might be around the corner.  We are at a high elevation and although we are not 'northern' by any stretch of the imagination, our friends and family a little further south will see spring a good deal sooner than we will.  Still... February feels like the bridge between hard core winter and the sweet green edges of early spring. 
Our moose have been hanging about. Waking up here and grazing on abundant willow. David almost always knows when our four legged visitors are here before we see them.  Moose sense.

 The rising sun turning the snow covered meadows mauve and pink.

Back and forth ...some snowy days and those are pretty too.  Nothing like a fresh coat of white to perk things up after a few sunny days of melt.

Blue skies most days now.  We drove out to see where two new bridges are being set in to replace old and worn out crossings...

Sunday morning... bright and beautiful and pretty chilly too.

 Thanks for dropping by.   Till next time ~ be well and may spring find you early.

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