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Saturday, November 21, 2009

First snow ... Prettier than spring flowers

The weekend ~ a sunny Saturday. David and I went for a wander around the property yesterday with cameras in hand. The wildlife has been wandering about as well. We see our resident coyotes pretty regularly ~ they come out onto the open of the meadow to hunt for mice and voles. In the last few days we've spotted tracks of lynx, rabbits, moose and fox. David laid his glove next to the lynx tracks that were inside our front gate. Impressive paws on this cat. David has large hands too :~)
The lynx photo is not our pic ... but this is the Canadian Lynx which is native to our area... a pretty beastie. We have taken a few photos but nothing as clear as this image ~ they are illusive and hard to capture on camera.
Winter is moving in very gently this year. It's so beautiful right now! That sparkly dusting of snow in the sunshine. I like it better than the first sight of spring flowers. This little building is a bit of a sentimental treasure on the meadow. We had to fall a dead tree right next to it and managed to miss the old loo by a hair. She's all that's left of the old homestead on the point. Our own homestead is sturdier and warmer than that I'm happy to say. In this photo you can see our house in the center of the pic and our greenhouse to the left. That's Vince in the doorway of the house ~ solar panels overhead.We feel so fortunate ~ and we are! No floods here, no hunger. We do what we can, one day at a time and stay ever thankful. Bring on the snow!


Pen and Ink said...

I have enjoyed your lovely photographs and appreciation for nature. I happened upon your blog by simply hitting "next blog" from my own. What a treat. Keep on writing!

Kendall said...

Beautiful, Nick!
Makes me want to come visit :P

Lots of love