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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Early November

David and I made another quick trip off the meadow recently. We had a follow up appointment in Vancouver with the Doctor who did the surgery on David's back earlier this fall. The doc was well pleased, and we are too. The bonus for us in having to go the big city is that our grandson Aiden lives there with his mom and dad. We always get in as much of a visit as possible ~ and they always make time for us; bless their hearts. Charlie couriered us around all afternoon and Jill cooked up a lovely dinner for the five of us between getting home from work at the bank and heading out to play Dodge Ball ~ she's quite something that girl and she's an awesome Mom. It's been some time now since Charlie (our son) completed his Touch Wood Rings apprenticeship with David. Charlie is now creating his own custom hand made Wooden Rings (For The Love of Wood). He is doing beautiful work and he's really been enjoying experimenting with different woods and design ideas. Here are a few pics of our dear grandson (Jill and Charlie's boy) who just turned three years old.
Aiden and Grandma (that'll be me)
Then, with the timing of David's appointment in Vancouver we were able to attend the Remembrance Day Ceremony in Keremeos the next day. Charles (David's father) is a World War II Veteran who lost his two brothers in the war... It was wonderful to be able to spend this day with them. I want to share a link to Mum's blog called 'Day by Day' and her post from last year where she (Hildred) eloquently described Remembrance Day in a Small Town. In Mum's Remembrance Day posting this year she says of the day; "It is a solemn and reverent ceremony, one which remembers with sadness and gratitude, and in no way glorifies or romances the deadly adventures of War. Veterans are heartened by the people of the small towns of Canada who remember those who made it possible for them to live their tomorrows." Here is a photo of Mum and Dad after the ceremony as we all began to gather with family and friends. We had a quick visit with my sister and brother in law too; Laura and Gordon Willson. Laura and Gord are the owners of Debbie's Diner in Penticton. Gord is an experienced chef and a wonderful cook, and Laura is a great hostess! If you ever visit Penticton and are looking for an excellent all day breakfast; check out Debbie's Diner! All in all, we had some great visits with family and friends on our quick trip off the meadow. It's so good to have Vince here ~ he looks after the place while we're away which gives us tremendous peace of mind. David and I got home late after a long drive on glare ice ~ Vince was here to greet us with the home fires burning and fresh coffee on the wood stove. So cozy :~) Oh, Life is good.

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Hildred and Charles said...

As always a loving and beautiful post. Thank you for all the kind words. You must know how much it means to us to have you here for these special days.