The Homestone

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Spring songs

We carry walkie-talkies (no cell phone service out here). It's a 50 acre property and we are a long way from civilization. It's important to be able to be in touch with one another. Aside from the safety and convenience; our walkie-talkies are great when one of us has spotted a moose on the meadow or a coyote on the creek. On February 27th, it was an almost simultaneous pressing of our call buttons as the three of us either heard or saw the first blackbird of 2008. Our first beautiful red-winged blackbird. He spent 5 days here on his own; calling to his mates and visiting the feeder outside the kitchen window. Today, the second singer arrived. Soon we should have 20 or more, adorning their favourite old willow tree and singing their springtime song.

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