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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lambs and plovers, wind and sun and snow!

Here we are well into March and our March weather is doing all those things it is known for. Missie; one of our three ewes, had her lamb on the 8th of March ~ about 10 days premature. Vincent has done a wonderful job of tending to the little guy and Junior is in fine form now! He's just beginning to gambol and frolic and is nibbling on little bits of his mom's hay.

This is Vincent with Junior.

The next pic is the ewe we call 'The Mrs.' She is usually first to lamb and will no doubt be next. She definitely looks ready and she's an awesome mom.

And a couple of pics of our surroundings these March days... the pussy willows are beginning to bud and the old man's beard (no, not David's beard ~ the kind that hangs on branches :) is coming out from under the snow and frost. We had an early visit from a killdeer ~ wondering perhaps why our meadow has not melted into it's shallow springtime lake. Soon.... soon!

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