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Thursday, October 18, 2007

October sunrises and Mom's birthday

The last few days have seen some spectacular sunrises. The mornings have been crisp and cold with lots of sparkle! It's become overcast and windy this afternoon so it's a great time for being hard at work indoors looking out at the changing season. David and I are staying busy and both feeling so much better than we did in September. The cranial palsy that I developed in early September as a result of the virus we picked up, hasn't let up yet ~ but if the docs are right, it should clear up within a few weeks now. After a month and a half of double vision in one eye and the attending rotten headaches, it makes me supremely thankful for my usual good health and the use of all my senses. Just a good reminder to take care and not take anything for granted.
Yesterday would have been my dear Mom's birthday. Happy Birthday Mom. She'd be 73 today.
She would have two beautiful granddaughters (my sister Laura's daughters) and would, without a doubt, be happily involved in their lives and marvelling at the bright, lovely girls they are. This time of year, she might be making 'Apple Crips' with them.
It's amazing how evocative handwriting can be ~ In her memory and in her own hand, here's Mom's Apple Crisp Recipe.
Time now for me to make some dinner and perhaps a dessert from Mom's cookbook which has a magic way of making me feel she's close.
Oh, how she would have loved the big wood cook stove I have in my kitchen and the view out my kitchen window ...
Love you Mom.
(Patricia at 18)

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Hildred said...

Thanks for lovely memories, dear.