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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Oct 4th Snow in the Chilcotin

The first of October went something like this. . . spectacular fall colours and the sheep content with their lot in life :) Our Canada Geese made a brief appearance yesterday evening to say so long till spring. At least we were pretty certain that is what they were doing...
And then this morning ... Winter, she's upon us!
It's the 4th of October and the snow was falling at 4am last night. It just quit at 2:30 this afternoon. Very pretty and bit of a shock as an early first snowfall always is!
It'll melt, we're almost certain. Still, it's a darn good motivator to get those last outdoor jobs sewn up.
Just as an aside ... Our official ' email responder' ; (that'll be me; Nicola) is still suffering somewhat due to the cranial nerve palsy ~ double vision, headaches .... not much fun, but this too shall pass :)
I just want to apologize again about my painfully slow responses to some folks. I will write ~ we are here ~ and I thank you again for your patience!
How about that snow eh?!

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