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Sunday, April 16, 2017

The slow melt into spring.

Hello dear ones.
I have been remiss in updating our homestone blog.
It has felt like a very long winter but it's really pretty normal.  
In fact we are right on schedule weather wise.  The first five pics below are from March 15th last year. Following those are photos from my walk about on March 15th this year. A walkabout in the beautiful warm sunshine and now with our new little dog at my side. Life is good.

These pics below are from a month ago (March 15th this year) - with the sun giving me leave to walk without my parka and the little dog back in her lighter sweater.   I don't remember ever being quite so delighted by the return of spring.

It was a challenging winter.  I became quite ill in early November and had a raft of tests and exams through November and December. It was a busy and worrisome time for me and for David. Surgery was planned for mid-January. I was concerned about having a complicated surgery at our small local hospital but I am so glad we made that choice.  My surgeon and her team did an amazing job and I am 100% again.  I can't say enough good things about the care I received in Williams Lake, and from my dear David, my brother in law Vincent who makes his home on our property, and huge thanks to the women in my life who were always available when I needed to talk.  

I am so thankful and I feel Great!! 
And now it's Spring. 
Such a beautiful time of year.  

We are truly blessed. And ever thankful.
And we invite you to be in touch.
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As always, thanks so much for dropping by.  
Blossoms on you!

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