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Friday, February 06, 2015

Still Winter

You've likely seen some of these fantastic images of snowflakes.
They've made the rounds of the interweb, and for good reason.
They are breathtaking.
Alexey Kljatov is the photographer and he freely shares his process.
Beautiful work!

Less well known is the pioneer of snowflake photography Wilson Bentley, a Vermont farmer; the first to successfully photograph a snowflake. His methods later became known as photomicography. Bentley, aka the Snowflake Man, became famous for photographing more than 5,000 jewel-like snowflakes on his Vermont farm in the late 1800's.

And so here I am on the 5th of February pondering the beauty of snowflakes, while our neighbours to the south are entertaining daffodils. It's still very much winter here on our 48 Acres. And when the sun comes out ... it's a sparkling white wonderland. Join me on a little walkabout if it's not too chilly for you and lets ponder the piles of snow. Made up of zillions of these.

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Hildred said...

Lovely, - sweet and crisp, sunshine and blue skies, - reminds me of prairie days and I would love to don skates and go gliding, if I was just a tad younger....!