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Friday, May 23, 2014

Pretty Blue Buntings and Handsome Beaks

 Beautiful May days.
Busy days too!
Much to accomplish around our 48 acres as the summer season approaches.

 May is a stormy month, making a lush and fecund world.
 Right on schedule; our annual sighting of the Lazuli Bunting.  Hoping he stays for a while as we'd like to get better photos of him.  Such a pretty bird.  Named after the beautiful Lapis Lazuli stone ~ one of the stones folks request as inlays on their rings.
 Lapis Lazuli is inlaid here on a Cherry Wood Ring with birds eye Maple bordering inlays.
We have 6 Evening Grosbeaks now.  Hoping that our regular flock of 18 or more will be here within the next few weeks.
This was pretty sweet this morning … I was taking photos of one of our handsome male grosbeaks...

Within moments the rest of the small group gathered around on the same bush moving themselves into the frame as if to say … hey wait … family portrait please.
 And of course we are happy to oblige.

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