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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Another summer of Gratitude and Wonder

 Late July, early August ... the beauty of so many young ones around of the 4 legged and winged variety, and The Skies!! Oh my.  It is a photographers paradise these days. 

 hummingbirds and finches

 serenity now :)

The July Super Moon
And our beloved Evening Grosbeaks
 about 18 of them ~ moms and dads and all their young ones

 Chipmunks by the dozens.

 Pine Siskins in droves

 and spectacular skies

Tough to stay put in a chair at the computer screen right now.  Enjoying everything the season has to offer with gratitude and wonder.

Try to get out into the night under the stars ....
Watch for the Perseid meteors streaking across the short summer nights – August 10-13 – from late night until dawn!

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Hildred said...

As always, gorgeous photos. I am ready for the meteor shower but may have to go and sleep in the open somewhere!!!!!