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Friday, December 14, 2012

Chickadee dee dee

What a life!  So lucky we are.  Surrounded by crown land, we enjoy a whole forest of Christmas trees that decorate themselves with bits of leftover autumn 

and then the finishing touches delivered by frost and snow and if you come along at just the right moment you'll be rewarded by the most energetic little decorations in the guise of chickadees flying smartly from branch to tree and calling brightly to anyone who will listen. This photo is borrowed from one of my favorite bird sites All About Birds  
 Perhaps this winter I will get some nice pics of our own chickadee 'decorations'
Speaking of decorations, I think it may have been a farmer who came up with the idea of   metallic Christmas tree tinsel ...
In late October we brought the bales in off the back meadows.  The big round hay bales sit high up on the forks at the front of the tractor.
As the bales brushed past trees in one tight spot in particular, just at the beginning of the path that leads from the creek, strands of hay were snagged and hung up on the tips of branches. 
A few days later a good hoarfrost lit up the meadow and those strands of hay dangled like the finishing touches of tinsel deftly placed by my mothers hand. 
I didn't get a good photo but it's a sight I'll not soon forget. 

It feels like Christmas this morning after snowing all day yesterday.  The sun is coming up bright and beautiful on our winter white world.  David and I will be going on a walk about shortly to take it all in and take some photos too.

Till later and as always, warmest wishes and thanks for dropping by.

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