The Homestone

Monday, May 14, 2012


I believe what we have here is a Columbia Spotted Frog (but please correct me if I'm wrong)  ~ he was on the trail at the edge of the creek ~
  about 3.5 inches long...
Always happy to see a frog  : ) they are indicative of a healthy Eco-system.  
This from the BC Frogwatch Program website:
"The Columbia Spotted Frog is a Protected Species in British Columbia.
Males may take up to 2-4 years to reach sexual maturity, while females may not breed until their fifth or sixth year. A typical lifespan of the Columbia Spotted Frog may be 10 years or more.
Columbia Spotted Frogs can complete their entire life cycle in or near the same lake or pond, but will also migrate seasonally and use different water bodies for breeding, summer feeding and overwintering. This migrating habit makes these frogs particularly sensitive to habitat fragmentation, such as road building, which makes it tough for frogs to safely move from place to place."


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