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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spring arrivals

It's spring, and we enjoy an invasion of red-winged blackbirds.
 We see yellow headed blackbirds here and there through the spring and summer and some, but not many, Rusty Blackbirds.  
The Rusty Blackbird is listed as a vulnerable species with their numbers in decline

David spotted our visitor the other day poking about in a post winter pile of sticks and dry grasses that is my Lilac bush.  He (the rusty blackbird, not David) landed with a female on the roof of our re-purposed dog house just outside the kitchen window. 
There are lots of bright Purple Finches 
a few Pine Siskins,
and in much greater numbers is this little bird with the sweet song; we have a host of White-crowned Sparrows at our kitchen window feeders right now. 
And last but not least
we said hello to our First Hummingbird of the season  at the back door this afternoon and as I crane my neck to look around the corner I see him at the feeder this very moment.  It's a happy day.

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