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Sunday, September 04, 2011

August on the Meadow

Random  moments in August  ~ in no particular order.

Doe on the ridge.

Wildflowers and Yarrow somewhere along the stacked log fence.

David's patience pays off with these Heron shots

 View from the creek, across the meadow and into the blue beyond.

Bees on 'Bearic's'  Valerian 

Looking over a willow thicket and towards our front gate
a favorite place for bears

Garden posies

One late August morning there was a hard frost and we awoke to a wonderland of frozen grasses and weeds where the sprinklers had run overnight.  We irrigate with a gravity feed from the creek. 

A moment of setting sun.

Mandy with Sweet-peas : )

And now, it is September.  A glorious time of year!

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Hildred said...

Love your new header and all your beautiful photos. The Herons look like Japanese paper foldings and the ice crystals are magical. Ahh, September....