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Sunday, May 01, 2011

May Day Moose

A cow moose on the meadow early this morning. Thin and molting but she outsmarted the wolves and made it safely through a long winter. This young moose about two years old may only recently have left her mother. Moose will stay with their moms until just before the next young are born, usually during May.
Here are a few of the pics I lifted from David's camera ~ he took probably a hundred shots. If you click on these pics they'll come in quite large for a nice close up look.
After the snow melts, shallow pools of water collect in low lying areas of the hay fields making early green shoots of meadow grass a favourite spot for wildlife, birds and waterfowl.
(Goose in the upper left) and Moose meandering . . . After an hour of her carefree grazing and our undivided attention, off she goes. Till next time. Thanks for dropping by.~ A PS on Tuesday ~ Our young moose seems to be taking up residence here on the meadow. She appears to be staying within the safety of our zigzag fencing and we see her many times a day now ~ mornings and evenings back at her favourite grazing spot on the meadow and other times on the ridge or down by the island ... the photo above David took this morning of one of our resident hawks and 'our' moose in the same shot :)


Hildred and Charles said...

Besides the darling, brave and daring moose, look at those fablous colours on the meadow.... What is the blue?

Love the first portrait!

Nicola said...

I added a note and a pic to better explain what we're looking at :) realized I hadn't included a long shot to give a full view of 'what is the blue' Love, Nick.