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Sunday, March 28, 2010

The changeable days of March on Mackin Pond

Spring ... it's such a lift to the spirits, even when spirits are already high. Like laundry on the line on a blustery March day; it shakes the wrinkles out of winter. The greenhouse is standing ready and beckoning to me. I've started some tender young shoots of rainbow chard and a whole bunch of flowers on the kitchen counter. I just can't resist trying to grow more flowers and herbs. Our growing season is short up here on the plateau and most years we see a hard frost every month of the year. But maybe ... if I get them going early enough in the greenhouse ... maybe I'll have a few posies to plant out and delight our multitudes of hummingbirds and to brighten up our kitchen table in summertime. It's always worth trying. Laundry on the line today. Blowing sideways in the wind. Cotton smells like heaven when it's whipped dry in a good breeze. Have a lovely Sunday evening and thanks for dropping in. Till next time.

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Hildred and Charles said...

Love the laundry on the line, - would like to bury my nose in it! Good luck with the posies!

Love from Mum