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Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Western Meadowlark Morning

Sunshine and a rare gift this morning; a Western Meadowlark arrives to herald the first Sunday of Spring on the meadow. He finds bare grass outside our living room windows to graze and peck for insects and seeds. David has his camera at the ready! Western meadowlarks are a member of the blackbird family which perhaps explains the moment when one of our (now) forty-odd Red Winged blackbirds dropped down on the ground next to the visiting Meadowlark ~ just for the briefest moment ~ as if to say; "Welcome, Cousin! "

Time now for David and I head out of doors and enjoy the rest of this warm spring day.

As a post script to the day ~ the meadowlark stayed all day.

Think, every morning when the sun peeps through The dim, leaf-latticed windows of the grove, How jubilant the happy birds renew Their old, melodious madrigals of love! And when you think of this, remember too 'T is always morning somewhere, and above The awakening continent; from shore to shore, Somewhere the birds are singing evermore. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Tales of a Wayside Inn

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Hildred and Charles said...

ah, those are lovely words, my dear.

And how great that you got those beautiful pictures of the meadowlark, David, - I have only heard, not seen, but even that is enough to cause the soul to sing!