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Monday, April 21, 2008

Dandilions, buffleheads and late April icicles

Mid April was beginning to look and feel like spring.
By about the 18th we were back into winter weather. Icicles and snow and pretty darn chilly too. We have no fruit trees to worry about thank goodness and our little crop of spinach and chard are doing just fine in the greenhouse, carefully tended by Vincent.
Our ewes and lambs are chomping at the bit to get at some new spring grass. Soon ....
Our feathered friends are back in droves. Surely they are harbingers of warmer days ahead.
Below are some pics David took of our sandhill cranes coming in for a landing ~ and our creek just teeming with ducks these days! Recently arrived are the buffleheads and mergansers who seem to get along nicely with the mallards. They all duck for cover together when the bald eagles appear overhead... (Pics of those guys coming soon, I have to snatch them from David's camera ...)

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Hildred said...

Your pictures of birds are just so amazing, - love them, love all of you!