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Friday, August 24, 2007

Haying with horses

August in the Cariboo-Chilcotin means haying time. Our 20 acres of hay meadows have been hayed for more than 100 years. The old timers in the area know these meadows well as do their children and many of their grandkids.
This year, as in years past, our friend and closest neighbour; Gordon Woods brought in his team of horses to hay the meadows the old fashioned way.
One of his Belgians; Jerry, is an old hand at haying ~ the mare is new to the task this year and Gord is quite pleased with how well she's taken to it.
Friends and family pitch in at different stages of the haying ritual.
A lunch break; and Gord's sister Vi from Kamloops tucks herself into the little log cabin and puts out an awesome spread for the crew including her own incredibly delicious smoked salmon.
It was a good crop of hay this year and it will help keep Gordon's livestock well fed this winter.

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